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Because of the growing popularity of projection mapping, there are a lot of questions that are asked of us regularly, from potential clients to fans that are simply excited about the technology. In an effort to help give some clarity on what is entailed in 3d mapping and 3d projection we have compiled a list of our most common questions and have tried our best to remove any confusion that may have already existed. If there is anything we haven’t answered, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

I Have A Limited Budget – Is There A Minimum Amount Of Money I Need To Spend?

We value all inquiries and appreciate anyone who has researched and decided to use our company for their event or promotion. With that said, because what we do is so labor intensive and because the cost to rent the projectors are expenses that we cannot control, we find it very difficult to be anywhere less than $35,000 for any service we offer.
Because we have been in the business for so long, we may be able to help you find a better fit for your budget so don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

We See and Hear This word A Lot, But What Are Lumens?

Much like ‘watts’ measure the electricity of a light – Lumens are used to measure the brightness of a light. The higher the number, the brighter the light.
Lumens have been compared to the light of a candle from a foot away, so when you see, for example, a 3d projector listing 900 lumens, that would be the lightness equivalent to 900 candles at a foot away. Yes, pretty bright!!

How Does 3d Projection Mapping Work?

Projection mapping is a technique that involves projecting a texture map from a camera perspective onto simple geometry. This is achieved by recreating stills or photographs of any specified object using computer generated 3d mapping to recreate the 3d model. Once the 3d model is accurately created, 3d textures are then applied to the artwork and prepared for an animation to be projected.

What Makes 4d Projection Different From 3d Projection?

The biggest difference in 3d projection as opposed to a 4d projection is that 4d projection can strategically incorporate additional senses into the experience, such as smell or sound or even the sensation of water mist. For example, when trying to get the crowd involved in an outdoor building projection, the animation could include a field of flowers where every time they appear, a floral aroma is sprayed into high powered fans that are strategically placed on site to fill the audience’s noses, in essence making the video come to life. Because of the possibilities, 4d projection is one of the most popular forms of projection mapping.

When Is It Considered ‘Too Late’ To Create/Perform A Successful Projection Mapping Event?

Because our staff has been creating high-end projection mapping for more than fifty years combined, we can afford you a little freedom when it comes to deadlines that other projection companies simply cannot. With that said, depending on the complexity of the job – IF we needed to – we could pull off a 45 day ‘Rush Job’. We don’t prefer to work within such tight time constraints, but we could make that happen.
If you are less than forty five days away from your expected projection and still need a professional projection mapping company to work their magic – contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can discuss some other options that you may not be aware of.

Is There Any Building That Cannot Be Mapped or Projected On?

We do not believe there is any object or architecture, whether static or fluid, that we would not be able to project upon. Send us your target and we assure you, we can map it.

What Are The Stages Of Creating Projection Mapping For A Client? (How Much Time Is Needed?)

What Are The Stages Of Creating Projection Mapping For A Client? (How Much Time Is Needed?)
There are SO many moving parts to consider when trying to factor a time frame to achieve our expected level projection mapping, and for this reason alone, everyone involved – from the CEO, down to the production crew – would prefer a 90 day work window.
These stages are a basic outline to follow and can typically be spent like this:

  • Fact Finding
  • Conceptualizing
  • Legal (permits, licenses and other legal documents through state and local offices that take time to complete)
  • Create & Animate
  • Revisions
  • Actual On-Site setup and test run
  • Execution
We Are Interested In a Car Projection For The Launch Of An Upcoming Model – Is…

We Are Interested In A Car Projection For The Launch Of An Upcoming Model – Is Car Projection better suited for a live event or for online marketing?
Seeing a car projection in person is very exciting. Watching the movement of the wheels seemingly spinning around and around while being able to see the contours of the car being outlined in every possible color. Not to mention the changing of the background to coincide with every movement – very inspiring to experience live and in person.
Seeing a car projection online still carries every drop of excitement as the live version, with your eyes bouncing around left to right trying to soak it all in as it’s happening. They are both amazing and impressive.
Consider setting up your showroom to display regular new cars, with complete interactive features and colors.
Contact Us Today To Ask For More Information

Have We Actually Achieved ‘True Holograms’ And If So, When Can I Speak To My Friends on a HoloDeck?

3d Projection Agency uses a method known as ‘Pepper’s Ghost‘ to achieve the ‘illusion’ of real life holograms. Even though this has become quite popular over the past few years, Peppers Ghost has actually been around since the mid 1800’s and can even be tracked all the way back to the 1600’s. In its simplest form, Peppers Ghost is basically a transparent film that is used to project a previously recorded video.

And no, unfortunately, we are not yet able to send a holographic video to your family or friends on demand just yet.

What Are The Benefits to Projection Advertising

Projection Advertising has many advantages. First, the impressions left on the LIVE viewer are unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression for years to come. Secondly, consider the cost of traditional print media. You could easily spend more than a hundred thousand dollars advertising in a Sunday newspaper only to see your advertisement disappear on Monday. 3d projection mapping is talked about and shared over all the major social websites, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This carries a very real viral appeal and possibility that can last years in internet circulation. Thirdly, every study has shown that 3d visuals are absorbed significantly more by the viewer then traditional advertising methods so the message will be heard a little more loudly.

What Are The Main Factors That Make Up The Cost Of Projection Mapping?

Because every project, every surface and every goal can be so dramatically different from the other, there can be a number of reasons that can alter the price of 3d projection. Here, we try to outline a bit of the process and point out a few factors behind the cost of professional projection mapping.

  • How many projectors? One of the biggest factors behind the cost of 3d projection is how many projectors will be needed to achieve the desired result. The cost to rent a commercial 3d Projector is not a number that we can control too much and often, there are multiple projectors that are used.
  • The Complexity of the surface and the object(s) that are to be mapped are also a factor. This also gets tied in to the projectors.
  • The Artwork (the animation). 2d video or 3d animation will carry drastically different prices as the labor is less intense. We recommend a custom created 3d Animation for every event as it has a built in WOW factor to it, but we also understand the need to be within a certain budget and some times, depending on the goal of the project, a nice 2d video can be very powerful if planned properly.
  • The Location. 3d Projection Agency is a U.S. based projection mapping company. We will, and have, traveled the world creating high profile 3d projection, however, travel is a cost that we do not pay for. If there are multiple locations (not as rare as you may think), this would also help drive the price up.
  • Frequency. How long will the overall projection be? How many minutes? How many days? Will this play out over the course of multiple days? Will you require multiple displays throughout the day (or days)? Frequency plays a big part as well.
  • Time Frame. How much time do we have to fulfill your request? We prefer a window of at least ninety days, however, we also understand the business can sometimes not be so cut & dry. If we are under severe time constraints, your project will be considered a ‘Rush Job’ and therefore require staffing additional crew around the clock.
  • Additional Elements. From live music to fireworks, to celebrity appearances to complete crowd pleasing interactive 3d projection, there can be any number of additional elements that can drive the cost.

Contact Us today to find out how we can mix and match your upcoming project.

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