4d Projection

4d Projection
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About 4d Projection:

4d Projection Mapping is a lot of fun, not only for us to create and to perform, but to see it happen live. From large scale, projection game creation to complete 3d interaction with animated characters, to even crowd participation, 4d Projection takes projection mapping into another world by allowing the crowd to perform and experience the magic. This is a specialty area that can include scents, audio, fireworks and more sensory props, but one that is well worth the added time in planning and conceptualizing as the effect is long lasting and very powerful. 4d Projection is the official introduction to next level video mapping where additional senses are finally incorporated into the advertising process making this arguably the most powerful and creative method possible.


Viral Appeal (93%)
Complexity (86%)
Affordability (74%)
Demand (94%)
Branding Power (84%)
Value vs. Print (94%)

Best Times To Use:

Product Launch, Promotional, Grand Opening, Event, Marketing, Advertising, Branding

**Ask us about a Permanent Installation!

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