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Building Projection
Building Projection
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About Building Projection:

Projection mapping comes in many forms but one of its most popular presentations is in the shape of a building. There is a certain awe inspiring effect that happens when someone actually witnesses a 3d Building Projection LIVE. The sheer size of the building, seemingly coming to life with such vibrant colors and motion graphics that it is often cited as an event in and of itself. 3d Projection on Buildings are the greatest form of projection advertising that is sure to amaze. Building Projection video’s are also widely shared on every major social site on the web, making the opportunity to advertise your message one that should be seriously considered as a viral possibility that can have a very long lasting effect. Our most popular service and the most requested.


Viral Appeal (96%)
Complexity (89%)
Affordability (81%)
Demand (95%)
Branding Power (88%)
Value vs. Print (97%)

Best Times To Use:

Promotional Event, Grand Opening, Online Marketing, Advertising Projection, Branding

**Ask us about a Permanent Installation!

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