Car Projection

Car Projection Mapping
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About Car Projection:

There is an instant movement attached to a car projection that is almost mystical to watch as the tires seem to be racing faster than anything you may have ever seen while not moving an inch in reality. Because there are no limitations to projection mapping it can almost seem like magic is happening right before your crowd. The projected lights outlining each curve of the car in such strategic fashion that it can make any automobile have sex appeal. Dealership showrooms, car shows and product launches are beginning to utilize the wonders of video mapping on cars to really add that ‘WOW’ factor to their products. Car Projection is a very effective use of 3d projection and increasing in popularity regularly.


Viral Appeal (88%)
Complexity (91%)
Affordability (82%)
Demand (90%)
Branding Power (85%)
Value vs. Print (94%)

Best Times To Use:

Grand Openings, Product Launch, Viral Marketing, Local & Regional Advertising, Branding, Promotion

**Ask us about a Permanent Installation!

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