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Holographic Projection Mapping
Holographic Projection Mapping
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About Holographic Projection:

The uses for Holographic Projection are as endless as the possibilities this technology provides. The interest has never been higher as we are asked regularly from both new and existing clients about the possibility of holographic advertising. From live concert displays to trade shows as well as full service installations, whether live and in person or completely off site and virtual, Holographic Projection sends the message that you will stop at nothing to make sure your vision and your message will be unforgettable.
It is still early enough to be one of the first to fully utilize this method of 3d projection and incorporate it into your regular advertising. The cost is not cheap, but the effect is rich


Viral Appeal (98%)
Complexity (95%)
Affordability (93%)
Demand (89%)
Branding Power (77%)
Value vs. Print (85%)

Best Times To Use:

Concerts, Trade Shows, Installation, Exhibitions, Advertising, Conferencing, Events

**Ask us about a Permanent Installation!

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