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Water Projection Mapping
Water Projection Mapping
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About Water Projection:

Great water projection is a factor of both creative content and technical hardware and thankfully, we have both. Water projection is a form of projection mapping that is growing increasingly in popularity and demand as one out of every five requests are now about water projection. There is a ‘WOW factor’ with water projection that is unique to itself in the world of video mapping and because of such complexities, not every projection company can actually succeed at creating seamless water projection successfully. At 3d Projection Agency, we are proud to announce that we are not only able to provide you with just a water projection, but, the level of 3d projection on water that we are able to provide you cannot be matched. Contact us to request more information.


Viral Appeal (96%)
Complexity (93%)
Affordability (70%)
Demand (85%)
Branding Power (86%)
Value vs. Print (91%)

Best Times To Use:

Product Launch, Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Promotional, Grand Opening, Event

**Ask us about a Permanent Installation!

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